Friday, January 16, 2015

Why, you ask?

Valentines by Andrew Grant Stone

Each year I make linoleum block print Valentines.

This tradition began over a decade ago when I was surrounded with so many wonderful opportunities and commitments that I feared that I would become too busy to be an Artist.

I decided that Valentine's Day would be a good time to begin, since the commercial trend of celebrating that "Hallmark holiday" was spiraling with guilt, obligation, diabetes, and disappointment. In protest enthusiastic creation, each year my valentines have contained some message, imagery, or context to elevate them to a contemplative work of Art that warms longer than a sugar buzz or a hug.

Instead of focusing on trivial gifts, I decided to give these Valentines out to my loved ones, people in my proximity, and even strangers--especially strangers.

This blog began by documenting that process, and may grow into documenting more of my processes.

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